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We provide anti slip treatments for most hard floors including: tiles, ceramics, laminate, wood, marble, stone, slate, porcelain, glass, metal, enamel, polyether (for ships and yachts), PVC and concrete.

Coatings are suitable for a range of floors including wood, vinyl, decking, rubber, and metal.


Slips and trips are responsible for, on average, over a third of all reported major injuries


Non-slip treatments and coatings

We offer a range of anti-slip treatments and coatings which will provide your flooring with enough grip and traction in the wet to comply with the HSE requirements.

Anti-Slip Treatments

This innovative commercial treatment is applied by fully trained and qualified operatives throughout the UK. Once installed the Anti-Slip Treatment is non-toxic and will inhibit the growth of fungi, mildew and other spores, particularly important for hospitals, kitchens, and other bacteriologically sensitive areas.

Treatments involve the application of a chemical solution and are incredibly effective for most hard floors. Once the treatment has dried, the floor is simply rinsed with cold water, leaving the treated surface safe. The treatments are quick to apply, ensuring minimum inconvenience to you and your business.

Treatments typically last for up to five years.

Anti-Slip Coatings

Coatings are a transparent resin with pieces of grit embedded – a simple but effective way to make your flooring non-slip and safe for your customers and employees. They are easy to clean and resistant to scratches and scuffs, and ideal if you want a clear gloss or matt finish to the floor.

Again this method of treatment is quick to apply, ensuring minimum inconvenience to you and your business.

Coatings typically last for up to three years.


The reason you have decking is because it looks superb but it can cause a slip issue when wet. Using our transparent resin that encapsulates micro grit we can resolve that problem. Think of it as a very fine layer of transparent sand paper on the surface, that ensures the decking remains safe even when wet.

Factory/Warehouse floors and loading areas

We have a solution that will take away the slipperiness of you floor by adding a durable anti slip coating. These anti-slip coatings will significantly increase the surface friction to meet and exceed the HSE minimum requirement. Available in various colours they can be used to denote loading areas and walkways.